Acoustic Monitoring

Yes!!!! Great news. We are really ignorant when it comes to sound in the oceans but that is changing.

Our current understanding of our marine friends is based solely on what we have observed with our eyes - in those fleeting moments we are underwater. We are very visual creatures basing a lot of decisions on minimal data.

BUT! This is changing thanks to advances in acoustic monitoring technology.

Fish, crabs, urchins, shrimp etc make and use noise. Coral and crab larvae swim away from or towards sounds they like or are a threat.

In the future we will be conducting acoustic surveys of reefs, not just visual surveys. These surveys will tell us the health of the reef and what species are present that we can't see with our eyes.

One of our goals is to install acoustic loggers on our constructed reefs to measure change in sounds as the reef becomes colonised. We'd love to develop acoustic tools to support visual surveys of restored or constructed reefs. Let us know if you are working in this field.

A lot of exciting technical advances coming!