Easy Drop Units

Our revolutionary 'easy drop' range covers a variety of reef unit products that are designed specifically for:

  • Quick installation and deployment without cranes and cables - simply drop or push them over the side to create complex piles or single layers of habitat
  • Easy manufacture
  • Low cost
  • Long lifespan and non-toxic; and
  • Like all of our products, to create maximum diversity and opportunity for marine organisms to thrive.  

They eliminate the need for slow and costly barge deployments, look natural and add maximum complexity for benthic species which maximises the diversity and productivity of your reef.

Ideal for restoration and stabilisation of coral rubble fields, restoration of shellfish habitat, enhancement of larger traditional concrete and steel artificial reef units (eg. enhancement of internal voids neighbouring substrate), enhancment of seawalls, and creation of 'living shorelines' for erosion control in estuaries and rivers. 



Our Benthic Fish Unit’s come in a range of sizes.

Weight:            30kg – 80kg
Dimensions:    40 x 30 x 30 to 100 x 80 x 70 cm
Material:          Marine concrete
Applications:   Variable 


This innovative unit is designed specifically to pack onto a pallet for efficient and cost effective transport to site and to be literally tipped over the side. The Reef Cube has been designed for high volume low budget applications that need to stabilise loose coral rubble or create fish or shellfish habitat over large areas.

Weight:              40kg
Dimensions:      35 x 35 x 35 cm  
Material:            Marine concrete 
Applications:     Variable 

Reef Cube - photos shown are immediately after deployment.


CBFU’s are constructed with a ceramic shell and filled with concrete and composite rebar. They can be an ideal solution when creating reef habitat for particularly sensitive species.

Weight:             30kg
Dimensions:     50 x 40 x 40 cm  
Material:            Stoneware ceramic, marine              concrete, composite rebar
Applications:     Variable