Hanging Reefs

Hanging reefs provide a unique opportunity to create habitat underneath already existing marine based infrastructure such as jetties, pontoons (eg. ideal for fish friendly marina certification), piers, floating hotels, artificial reefs and even shipwrecks.  You can position them easily and quickly at a range of different depths to cater for different species including corals. And they can be strategically lit using surface or underwater lights to create artistic living sculptures around waterfront developments.

The hanging units come in a wide range of styles and are made from multiple individual sections or plates so that you can vary their size and complexity to suit your application.

They can be hung vertical, horizontal or at angles and even attached to pilings and other structures.

The photos here are just one small example of the variations possible. Contact us for more details or for specific design requests. Contact us.

Floating Reefs 

Floating reefs provide habitat opportunity when bottom placement and hanging placement is not an option or they can be used to add diversity to traditional artificial reefs or hanging reefs. Ideal for high mobile sand seabeds and creation of midwater reefs to attract pelagics or underwater 'forests' for scuba diving.

We have designed specific units that have an integrated changeable buoyancy  system and as with hanging reefs, we have a wide range of different styles depending upon the application and target species.

The floating reef systems are anchored to the seabed and can be moved depending on management requirements. 

We always recommend mixing our units together to achieve diverse habitat. 

We always recommend mixing our units together to achieve diverse habitat.