Nautilus Artificial Reef Sculpture 

This artificial reef sculpture was created for Riot Games to be apart of Ocean Week 2015. The Sculpture depicts Nautilus who is a League of Legends character. The Reef also includes a boulder covered in over 40,000 League of Legends player names engraved onto stainless steel plaques. The reef was deployed on the already existing Curtain Artificial Reef in Moreton Bay, Australia.

Special Features of this project are listed below

- We moved the anchor higher to create more of a contrasting peak. Fish like to school around a pinnacle, higher the better.
- The anchor was made hollow with the various size holes for fish and other critters to use. We made sure there were sufficient holes for light and water flow. If you don't have enough, fish won't go inside.
- The holes were made in similar pattern to Nautilus' actual pattern on his anchor
- The rings around the anchor shaft are hollow to provide more protective space for things to live.
- The boulder has been designed to be a multipurpose fish apartment block. We have designed varying neighbourhoods within the one block that have different size holes, caves and swim throughs.
- There is different surface textures and varying features that create interest for divers. We'd like to think they wont see all the features in one dive but discover other more cryptic features on subsequent dives.
- The plaques are at multiple angles for three reasons: to shed sediment so that is doesn't smother growth trying to settle on them; to provide a diverse range of current eddies that trap food and provide varying levels of water flow which will increase diversity of species growing on them; and provide a range of different angled surfaces which contrasts the surrounding wrecks with only vertical and horizontal surfaces.
- The inside void will be a great place for fish to escape predators or rest when currents are running.

- His natural features with all the gaps, grooves, right angles make wonderful protective spaces for marine life to hide in or grow.
- We increased the scars and pits to increase favourable surfaces for colonisation.
- The arm positions help increase protective space between the arms and the base or body.
- The base is hollow and has numerous entrances of various sizes. This helps ensure water and light flow through, which ensures the water is not stagnant and therefore more attractive to fish.
- The base has a range of different ledges and surface angles to add variety and diversity.
- The base has been designed to blend in with the surrounding sand and after 6 months should look like natural rock.


Reef Design Lab would like to give a huge thanks to Riot Games for adding to the magical world of artificial reefs!