Product Overview

Habitat Engineering Solutions for Seawalls 

3D printed Habitat designs for seawalls. 

Diving Habitat 

Specially designed habitat solutions for scuba diving.  

Goad.MARS Wide with Moray  .jpg

MARS - Modular Artificial Reef Structure 

A multipurpose modular artificial reef habitat solution. 

Reef Design Lab.Easy Drop Units2.jpg

Easy Drop Cave Oyster Unit 

Developed specifically for the largest oyster reef restoration project in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Depth Render .jpg

Hanging/Floating Habitat Pods 

Used to create habitat for juvenile fish species. The pods can be hung from jetties or attached to a buoy tethered to a weight on the seabed.   


3D Printed Habitat Modules 

Endless design opportunities. 


Custom Made Habitat Modules 

Custom built projects based on clients requirements.