Alex Goad - Founder & Creative Director

Alex is an industrial designer and developed MARS (modular artificial reef structure) during his honours year at university. The project won multiple awards, including the Hills Young Australian Design Award for Sustainability, the Australian James Dyson Award and was one of Popular Sciences top 10 Inventions of 2015. This project was the catalyst for beginning Reef Design Lab as Alex didn't want MARS to simply be another conceptual design project that was never properly tested. Recently he installed the system in the Maldives to be used as a coral farming device on Summer Island.   

Alex leads RDL which is based in his Melbourne studio but involved in projects around the world. 


David Lennon - Co-founder

David is an artificial reef expert with over 30 years industry experience.

David grew up by the sea and started diving as soon as he could in 1981, working in dive centres on weekends and summers by the age of 16. He became a commercial diver in 1985, PADI instructor in 1987, and completed his BSc Oceanographic Technology in 1989 and then completed a MSc in Environmental Management in 1994.