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 We are a unique studio led by industrial designer Alex Goad creating coastal habitat infrastructure and artificial reefs. Our studio collaborates with international research partners to develop techniques for enhancing the ecological performance of marine structures.  


mars covered by bbc earth

There are a lot of pressures on the world’s reefs. Climate change, ocean acidification, waste run-off and illegal fishing practices all take a toll on marine plants and animals.

MARS addresses this problem in a very particular way. Its modular design and ease of installation makes it perfect to rebuild reefs that have been damaged by dynamite fishing, boat anchors, fishing nets or even violent storms. Once installed, MARS acts as a skeleton for coral and kelp to regrow onto.


recent encounter
with moray eel

This was the first time I’d experienced this behaviour from a moray but he/she may have thought the GoPro was food? 

Hybrid Coastal

We are working with researchers at Melbourne University to develop new approaches to coastal defences.

3D printed

Our longterm collaboration with Sydney Institute of Marine Science continues with installations around Sydney Harbour


what’s on

Broken Nature Public Symposium

MARS is currently on show at the Triennale Milano as part of the
Broken Nature exhibition curated by Paola Antonelli.
Ends September 2019


Volvo Living Sea Wall

Reef Design Lab collaborates with Volvo and SIMS to create the Volvo Living Seawall research project.


3D Printed Reefs
for the North Sea

RDL worked with the WWF Netherlands to design a range of reef units that were placed on the seabed of the North Sea as part of their larger oyster reef restoration project.



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